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Which Advertising Method Has the Best ROI?

Each passing year, more and more options for advertising crop up. From traditional media, such as print, TV, and radio ads, to new media, like Cost-per-Click and social media advertising, there’s a wide range of options to consider when advertising your small business. Each one has pros and cons, and there isn’t any ‘right’ answer…


Truth In Advertising: Selling Your Brand, Your Way

Along with ‘sharing is caring’ and ‘do unto others as you’d like done unto you’, ‘be yourself’ is one of those core teachings every North American child grows up hearing. Being yourself is valued for a lot of reasons: in our society, uniqueness and ingenuity are increasingly perceived as positive traits. Standing out from the…


Traffic and Conversions: When More Isn’t Better

Recently I’ve been digging deeper into analytics for some of our clients. Analytics can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes – there are so many dimensions to delve into, all of which tell a slightly different story. Lately, I’ve been very interested in demographics and referral data – that is, what type of people are visiting…


Internet Slowdown? What you need to know.

In two days, hundreds of websites are slowing down – by choice. In a sweeping protest known as the Internet Day of Action, or Internet Slowdown Day, hundreds of tech businesses and services are altering their services to protest proposed changes to the US laws governing net neutrality. Other, better sources have covered net neutrality…

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Online Marketing Myths

SEO (and online marketing in general) is a big concept to wrap your head around. There are many facets to your online marketing strategy, so it can sometimes be difficult to sort the facts from fiction. Here are some common marketing myths and how you can avoid falling for them. Everyone wants to rank #1…

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Copywriting: What the Heck is it (And How Do I Get Better at it?)

Copywriting can be a misunderstood profession. It certainly has nothing to do with copyrighting (that is, assigning copyrights to original work to prevent others from stealing it) and it shouldn’t involve a lot of copying. Instead it refers to the writing of copy, written material intended for print or publication. In the realm of web…

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Backlinks: An Introduction

Next to content, links are the most touted way to boost your site’s SEO. The theory behind link building is that the more sites link to you, the more trustworthy and valuable you must be. Over the years, Google has refined their algorithm and altered the way link-building works. We’ll take a look at the…


WordPress 4.8 and Widgets: A Public Service Announcement

WordPress updates are an important part of keeping your site secure, and they can come with some great goodies. Unfortunately, updates have a tendency to break things. While WordPress 4.8 came with some great new features, it also might have broken all your widgets. Today we’ll cover the new features of 4.8, then look at…