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Targeted Marketing: How Big a Net to Cast

The internet changed marketing forever. In many ways, it’s more complex than it’s ever been — there are millions of websites competing for attention across thousands of platforms. Ad performance is determined by unknowable algorithms and arcane bidding strategies. On the flip side, targeted advertising is much easier – big data is available for even…

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Branding Rehab: The Vancouver Canucks Rebuild

You might have guessed from last week’s article that I’m pretty excited about hockey season starting up. Watching hockey is one of my favourite winter pastimes, not only for the immediate entertainment value, but for the off-the-ice strategy and storylines that play out each season. Among major sports, hockey is notoriously difficult to predict. Sports…

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Marketing and the Las Vegas Golden Knights

The last time the NHL expanded was the year 2000. It’s conceivable that the youngest NHL rookies of the upcoming season wouldn’t have even been born yet when the Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild entered the league. Put another way, the addition of the Las Vegas Golden Knights this season is the only post…

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Social Responsibility and the Mutual Good

Regardless of your beliefs on how businesses ought to operate, if they don’t grow or make money, they’re a failing business. It’s how our economy works: businesses, big and small, employing people, producing goods, and pouring wealth back into our communities. But money can’t be the only thing businesses care about — today, we expect…

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Which Advertising Method Has the Best ROI?

Each passing year, more and more options for advertising crop up. From traditional media, such as print, TV, and radio ads, to new media, like Cost-per-Click and social media advertising, there’s a wide range of options to consider when advertising your small business. Each one has pros and cons, and there isn’t any ‘right’ answer…

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Truth In Advertising: Selling Your Brand, Your Way

Along with ‘sharing is caring’ and ‘do unto others as you’d like done unto you’, ‘be yourself’ is one of those core teachings every North American child grows up hearing. Being yourself is valued for a lot of reasons: in our society, uniqueness and ingenuity are increasingly perceived as positive traits. Standing out from the…


Traffic and Conversions: When More Isn’t Better

Recently I’ve been digging deeper into analytics for some of our clients. Analytics can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes – there are so many dimensions to delve into, all of which tell a slightly different story. Lately, I’ve been very interested in demographics and referral data – that is, what type of people are visiting…


Internet Slowdown? What you need to know.

In two days, hundreds of websites are slowing down – by choice. In a sweeping protest known as the Internet Day of Action, or Internet Slowdown Day, hundreds of tech businesses and services are altering their services to protest proposed changes to the US laws governing net neutrality. Other, better sources have covered net neutrality…