Signs You Should Redesign

5 Signs You Should Rebrand

You’re getting older. You’re changing, and that can be awkward. It’s ok—it happens to everyone. Things don’t seem fit you the way they used to. You’re becoming more mature, and others seem to be doing the same thing. The guy down the street has a new voice, and a brand new style, and you’re wondering where you fit in.

It’s about time we had The Talk. Kids, the things you’ve been experiencing, the thoughts you’ve been having—they’re signs that it might be time to re-design.

1. Your Brand is Ugly

For starters, your brand is the collective sentiment that surrounds your company and its products and services. It’s more than just a logo and it’s imperative that you get that right. Yet, deciding to rebrand can be a difficult but ultimately important decision. There are a number of reasons you can choose to do so, but one of the most common is—and I’m sorry—is that your brand is just plain ugly.

Easy right? Time to fire up photoshop and flex your graphic design skills? Not so fast…

Weak brands are often ones that lacked any particular strategy at their creation. Chances are when you were first creating your company, you had a direction of where you wanted to go, but your execution lacked a solid purpose. Maybe you fooled around with fonts like Scriptina, Cooper, and Papyrus, but now it’s time to put on your big boy/big girl pants and demonstrate your authority with a unique typeface and new design. Give your brand a refresh with a modern and refreshing new style.

2. It’s Misaligned with your Vision

Maybe you’ve run into the problem that your brand once had a purpose, but years have gone by—maybe the industry has changed and/or your business has expanded—and your brand has lost sight of its purpose. Make sure your servicing and marketing to the customers that properly match your current business—not ones that may have appealed to you when your business was in it’s infancy. One of the best examples of this is Apple. Believe it or not, Apple’s initial logo looked like this.

Believe it or not, this was Apple’s first logo.

The evolution of the Apple logo spanned a number of decades and different trends, yet today it’s been modified to match the simple, minimalistic nature of today’s design trends and even the chromatic colour scheme often associated with technology companies.

An extension from the logo, be sure that the copy and other materials on your website, and even the website itself is updated. Don’t suffer from website shame if your website doesn’t properly reflect what you do.

3. It has a Bad Reputation

Spill oil in the Pacific Ocean lately? Violate any human rights laws? If so, it might be time for a redesign.

In 1989 an oil tanker by the name of Exxon Valdez spilled somewhere between 259,000 to 750,000 barrels of crude oil in Alaska. After repairs, the Exxon Valdez was renamed Exxon Mediterranean, and then SeaRiver Mediterranean in the early 1990’s. Exxon tried briefly to return the ship to its North American fleet but was prohibited by laws forcing it to serve in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The oil tanker operated until 2012 under numerous new names when it succumbed to its tainted history and was sold for parts to pay off the remaining punitive damages.

The moral of the story? Ultimately, Exxon Valdez couldn’t escape their disasters because of a rebrand, but rebranding may be the only chance of survival a company has in its arsenal. Pay attention next September when Malaysia Air reveals their new re-brand to escape the disaster of the two missing planes.

4. You Need a Competitive Edge

As your business grows, it’s natural to see the landscape of the competition change. Sometimes a re-brand is in order to keep up with your competitors or even give you a competitive leg-up. Take Netflix for example. As Netflix became more of a producer than simply a provider – it adopted a new look that fits in better with their other entertainment producer peers. Beginning as a company that provided rental DVDs though the mail, Netflix adapted its brand to accommodate quality content and establish themselves as a content creator around 2012. As the leading company in online movie/tv streaming, Netflix became increasingly aware of it’s growth and it’s competition.

5. It’s Old School

Your business is reaching maturity and it’s important you have a brand that reflects that. Don’t let your brand limit your growth, instead let it allow you to create a niche within your market that allows you to expand instead of stifle you.

One way to know you’ve accomplished a successful redesign is with the following test. A good brand contains the three ‘C’s: Clarity, Consistency, and Constancy. Your brand must be clear and explicit about its features and purpose, it must be consistent over all platforms and facets of your business, and it must be maintainable over a period of years. Keep those in mind when you’re going through a rebrand. We can help.