Weekly Search Engine Optimization Series

Weekly SEO: A New Series on Search Engine Optimization

Welcome to our new series: Weekly SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to get your website out to people in Kelowna. Before the internet, businesses listed themselves in the Yellow Pages and advertised themselves through print fliers, radio ads, or street signs. In today’s world, that isn’t enough and rarely works. And aside from search advertising, you can’t pay to put your site to the top of search results. Your website and your content needs to be better than your competitors.

What is SEO?

Google has gotten really smart. It can analyze your website against hundreds of signals to determine where you should rank. Issues as small as spelling mistakes, poor grammar, and weak page titles and descriptions can significantly hurt your success. A big part of SEO is finding and fixing those errors and doing a great job at it will help push you up the list and drive customers to your business.

So, how does SEO work? A good starting point is to identify those errors and mistakes in the website’s code and content. We also want to make sure every page has an appropriate title and description and build quality links back to the site from other well-known, respectable websites. Simple, right? Not so fast. SEO work means knowing what Google wants. Google’s algorithm has undergone lots of changes over the years. Some of Google’s earliest metrics such as PageRank have evolved into a complex scoring system which is, for obvious reasons, a closely guarded secret.

Great SEO means constant adaptation. As the internet evolves, so do our techniques. Good SEO from five years ago isn’t good SEO today. New insights into Google’s algorithms mean the field is always in flux. It’s a challenging and exciting part of modern marketing and every week we’d like to bring you a little more insight into the different areas of SEO.

Here’s a look at some of what we’ll cover in the coming weeks:

That’s just a start. Check back each week for SEO news, tips, tricks and insights from us. If you like what you’re reading, be sure to share this article by clicking one of the social media buttons below.

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